The First Music in a Box



The first musical machines came from Iraq in the 9th century and were powered by water. Starting in the 16th century, European clockmakers figured out how to make other machines that could play music by themselves, even without water. These machines developed over the centuries to become smaller and more complex. The first music boxes went into production in 1811 in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. These music boxes were so popular that making them made up 10 percent of Switzerland's economy at the time.
The production of music boxes was at their height in the late 1800s, when many kinds of mechanical toys were popular. Unfortunately, by World War I the music box industry had fallen apart. The war made music boxes an expensive luxury. Also, the invention of the phonograph made music boxes out-of-date.


第一個音樂機械來自於九世紀的伊拉克,以水為動力。歐洲鐘錶匠於十六世紀想出如何做出甚至無需利用水力也能自動播放音樂的機械。幾世紀的發展使這些機械已變得更小更精密。1811 年,第一個音樂盒在瑞士的聖科瓦鎮開始生產。這些音樂盒很受歡迎,所以生產音樂盒當時曾占了瑞士經濟的百分之十。


be powered by...  靠……驅動
The fan is powered by batteries.
develop vi. 發展,開發
The communications industry started to develop around the turn of the 20th century.
go into production  開始生產
The system will have to be tested before it goes into production.
luxury n. 奢侈品(可數);奢侈,奢華(不可數)
A television was a luxury in my grandfather's time.



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