【TOMO雙語爆】動物園女管理員 被虎撲咬慘死

出版時間:2015/09/22 15:21


紐西蘭漢彌爾頓動物園(Hamilton Zoo)一名管理員週日遭蘇門答臘虎咬死。

警方於早上11時接到報案,指43歲的Samantha Kudeweh遭到園內五隻老虎中的一隻攻擊。警方表示Kudeweh當場死亡。



一名參觀者Adam Rich表示,他當時看到女管理員打開閘門,放瀕危的老虎到戶外區域。




A New Zealand zookeeper was mauled to death by a Sumatran tiger on Sunday at the Hamilton Zoo. 

Authorities told the New Zealand Herald emergency services were called to the zoo at 11 a.m. local time after reports 43-year-old Samantha Kudeweh had been attacked by one of the zoo’s five tigers, a male named Oz. Police said Kudeweh died at the scene. 

Kudeweh is believed to have been killed by the tiger when the enclosure was being cleaned. 

Visitors were asked to leave the zoo. Officials said the zoo would be closing its doors until Thursday. Authorities are investigating to find out what exactly happened. 

Adam Rich, a zoo visitor, told The New Zealand Herald that he saw the tigers Sunday morning and noticed a female zookeeper opening up a gate for them toward an outdoor enclosure. 

Rich said that about 45 minutes to an hour later, zoo staff came up and asked him to leave the premises. He said they were offering all visitors a refund. 

The tiger that attacked the zookeeper is named Oz and is the only adult male tiger at the zoo. Officials said that all animals remained in their enclosures during the incident. 

Zoo officials have decided Oz will not be euthanized following the incident. 




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