【TOMO雙語爆】健美夫妻被控虐待動物 愛駒險遭餓死

出版時間:2015/10/27 17:43


佛羅里達州南邁阿密 ─ 在他們於南邁阿密的牧場內飼養的三匹馬被發現骨瘦如柴,健美夫妻Alex Paez 與 Milly Cowan 於四年內第二次被指控虐待動物。


他們的律師 Alexander Michaels 同時也稱這項指控不是甚麼「大事」,且稱警方應該「多花點時間在人類受害者、小孩身上,而不是放在忘記餵食的馬匹身上。」


在馬匹們被救援後,他們被轉送至南佛羅里達州動物保護協會 (SPCA),在那裏馬兒規律進食並且康復當中。


SOUTH MIAMI, FLORIDA — Bodybuilders Alex Paez and Milagros Cowan, have been charged for the second time in four years with animal abuse after three horses were found starving at their ranch in South Miami.

As of 2014, there is evidence that at least one of the horses was in good health. A year later, after the couple’s ranch was raided, they were found so malnourished their bones was visible. One of the horses’ hooves were overgrown so much he could barely walk. 

According to Classicalite, Paz, 48, justified himself by saying the horses were a "little thin and just needed to be dewormed." 

The couple’s lawyer, Alexander Michaels also said the charges were not a ‘big deal,’ and that police should ‘spend more time on human victims, and child victims, than on horses who skipped a meal.’ 

Fortunately, there are some people who do actually care about animals. 

After they were rescued, the horses were transferred to the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) where they have been eating regularly and recovering. 

SPCA staff told the Miami Herald that the horses have gained weight and are friendly now, compared to when they first brought and were completely wild.




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